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Edgewater Lane

Our client's desire was a contemporary home with a wink to Mid-Century Modern. The owner's have a keen eye for design and detail. Together, we created a unique blend of architecture and interiors. This home is located in Huntington Harbor, on the water, where the main level deck cantilevers over the sea wall. Super Bowl parties will be fun watching from an outdoor retractable big screen TV. Construction was completed at the end of 2022 and we will add actual photos soon.

See the ' Interior Design' section for interior images.

Edgewater front 01_edited.jpg

     Arabic Contemporary

A client living one half of each year in his very large family estate in the West Bank Territory asked Phillipe Horvath, Inc., to design two new homes for his two oldest sons. The large site is located next to the father's estate. It was important to the clients that the architectural design blend with the local architecture and also be subtly unique and contemporary. The structural material of this home is the same as the local norm, concrete block and concrete.


Arch Beach Heights

At the end of one of our office open house parties, a woman walked into my office and said, " I am either going to remodel my entire home, or, I am getting a divorce". The woman and her husband, now our friends, hired us to update the design of their homes exterior and interior of their 1940's beach cottage to a sleek, yet warm, modern beach cottage. We received Laguna Beach city permit approvals and will start the new construction soon. See 'Interior Design' section for interior images.

A1 Bowman_ Narens.jpg

Top of the World

The owners of this home wanted to blend their love of organic architecture with their appreciation of Tunisian and Mediterranean architecture. They wanted their home to have a mystical, romantic, understated and natural feeling. We used sacred geometry in areas of the design. The heart of this home  centers on an enclosed atrium with a hanging fountain made of copper and hand blown glass. The decorative tile was hand sculpted then a  mold was made  and the owner pulled each concrete tile. This home was built from the ground up.


Newport Beach European Villa

This 9000 sq. ft. European styled home was built from the ground up. Phillipe Horvath, Inc., designed the interiors and the architecture, as well as observed construction. The owner asked for their home design to exude an understated, European elegance. Decorative concrete exterior panels, columns and cornice  moldings  were used on the exterior and walnut inlaid floors, stained glass doors, gold leafed details and European moldings were used on the interior.

07 Newport Beach Estate .JPG

Casa de Luz

The owners of this vacation home wanted their  interest in the poems of the Sufi poet, Rumi to be reflected in their home. An ancient prayer was cast into the curved, tinted, poured in place, concrete, interior walls. The kitchen and sofa area are sunken down to match with the marble floor height. Gold leaf was used on the fascia of the round ceiling soffits.

See 'Interior Design' section for interior design images.

Quaddus 1_edited.jpg

 Cliff Drive

Sometimes it is fun to  get loose with design conceptualization. What if the Superadobe, earthbag construction method could be combined with conventional construction as a hybrid, sustainable form of an organic construction method?

cliff 3.jpg

Hand Made

Man Cave

Superadobe structures were made known by the late architect Nader Khalili. Superadobe uses the sites earth mixed with 10% cement and filled wet into rolls of sandbag material. A mixture of earth and cement is applied to the semi dry domed sandbag structure. Phillipe Horvath and a helper built an earthbag man cave for client in Laguna Beach Canyon. Architecture does not get more sustainable than this.

Earth Bag- Man Cave 3.jpg

San Felipe Getaway

Located in the beach development of Club Cortez, San Felipe, Mexico, is home ready for construction. This home features exterior walls made from locally sourced, Mexican brick and hand plastered interior walls mixed with straw. The floor pavers are also locally sourced stone from nearby hills. San Felipe's warm climate allows for an outdoor sleeping deck with gorgeous views of the Sea of Cortez. Four outdoor relaxation areas make this small home feel large and open.

San Felipe 3.jpg
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